Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why choose SLIMXLIFT?

Our All Natural Products are the Safest and Most effective way to Enhance the body without the dangers of invasive surgery. Our slimming gel contains highly potent ingredients that absorbs into the skin and dehydrates the Fat cells causing them to shrink Permanently!

  • Do your products contain any animal products or by-products?

SLIMXLIFT products are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. We do NOT use any animal components and/or by-products - we love animals!

  • Where is SLIMXLIFT manufactured?

All of our products are made and manufactured in the United States, China & Australia. Our mission is to source the highest-quality natural ingredients and potent extracts. After production, our shipping is handled directly from our warehouse in Massachusetts, United States. 

  • Where ingredients are in your products?

All of our products are made with raw materials. Our formulas are vegan, hypoallergenic, and safe for all skin types. We do not put our ingredients on our site for the public due to many copy cat brands that try to replicate formulas. If you would like to receive the list of the ingredients we use, please contact us using the subject line "Ingredients" and we will send the list right over to you.

  • How long does shipping take?

You can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders coming from within the U.S Only. We use USPS First Class to deliver our parcels within the USA. All orders have a tracking number and shipping takes 3-5 business days. ALL OTHER COUNTRIES We use UPS & USPS to deliver our parcels. All orders outside the U.S. have a tracking number and shipping takes 10-14 business days. Delays can occur depending on how far you live from our warehouse facility location.

  • Can you use the cream right after showering?

We recommend waiting at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before applying the cream after showering to prevent the cream from being too intensive since skin pores will be open from showering. Waiting for this period of time allows the body to get back to normal.  

  • Can you use the cream before showering or does the shower wash it off?

The cream can be removed by cleansing the area thoroughly with soap and water or you can shower to remove the cream. Using the cream before hopping in the shower will not be effective since the cream is being washed off. The cream's effectiveness kicks in after the cream has been applied and absorbed into the skin from either doing day to day activities or while working out. 

  • Is it suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Our SLIMXLIFT cream is suitable for all skin types. For those prone to get irritated quickly, we recommend using a very light amount to begin with.

  • Is the tingle sensation normal?

The tingling sensation is normal. However, depending on the amount applied onto an area, the cream can either be slightly or heavily intensive. We recommend using a small test area with a light amount for your body until you get more comfortable with the cream and it's intensity.

  • Is this cream safe to use during pregnancy?

No, we do not recommend using our cream during your pregnancy. We suggest not to use our cream until after 2 months - post pregnancy. Allow your body to get back to normal. We do not want you to encounter any birth defects or complications.

  • Can I apply this cream over surgical cuts/healed wounds?

Yes you can! We recommend applying light amounts over those healed cuts at first to see how your body reacts to the cream. 

  • How often should I use the SLIMXLIFT cream?

This depends on what you are trying to achieve! We recommend using the SLIMXLIFT cream no more than twice a day. After each usage, wait at least 8 hours before you re-apply the cream onto the same area again. You are safe to use it every day if you feel the need. Cleanse the area where cream was applied with a wet rag (no soap) to relieve the heating sensation if it becomes to much to bare.

  • Am I still able to use this product as my skin gets irritated easily?

Absolutely! We recommend you use only a finger scoop amount and start with a small test area to see how your body reacts to the cream. Do not put an excessive amount onto your skin if you are easily irritated. Do not use our cream if other lotions and oils have been recently applied onto your skin.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tic Tok, Tumblr etc. (@slimxlift) and jump on our V.I.P list so you can stay updated about our latest promotions and exclusive deals!

  • Why is the currency displayed in $USD when I checkout?

As we offer global worldwide shipping and work with Shopify to host our website, our checkout displays in $USD.

  • How do I receive a refund?

We are sorry to hear that you need a refund! Click here to learn about Refund Policy and how to submit a request.

  • What happens if I do not collect my parcel?

If your parcel is not collected at the time of delivery, it will be returned to us. If you would then like a refund, we will refund you the amount of your order minus the cost incurred getting it back to us.

  • Will I have to pay duties and VAT charges?

If you are located in EU, you may receive duty and VAT charges upon import. SLIMXLIFT has no control over these charges - it is entirely up to the local government/border security and customs office. If you refuse to pay the additional fees at the time of delivery, then your shipment will be returned to us. At that point in time, SLIMXLIFT agrees to refund your purchase cost (minus shipping cost to and from your country).

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